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Sorry about the blue pictures. It was pretty overcast all day (when it wasn't actively raining) and I was using a new camera. Didn't get the white balance right.

PO told me that his BIL bought the bike new in '83 and had been hit by a car at some point. The brake pedal is bent in toward the engine case and the front fender has a bend it it.

After my friend got it his son dropped it. Broke the turn signals on the left side and bent the headlight bracket.

Had the carbs cleaned last fall and it ran great until dropped. It was pushed into the barn and left there in September and hasn't been started since. Likely I need to do the carbs again.

Lots more pictures to follow tomorrow. Too late to dig in tonight.

Oh yeah, look closely at the back rest. That is not stock and it ain't coming off easily. PPO welded it onto the grab bar. It may give some HD fans heartburn to see it on this old child of the Orient. Proudly labeled as a gen-u-wine HD backrest.

More to follow as I work to get this '83 largely forgotten Suzuki back on the road. I will add that whoever designed the handlebars on this bike should be banned from designing anything. Ever.
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