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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
I saw an iPhone case that claims this ability. In the Android world of non conforming hardware I think this will be more difficult to find in practice. It would be a really cool product if a somewhat universal weatherproof touchable case was invented though. I'd buy one.
I bought a universal waterproof case on eBay for $20, the touchscreen worked fine with it, but I can't recommend the product as the zip snapped off in the first 20 minutes of using it, and I made many modifications to improve it (including filling up huge ventilation holes with silicone. so much for their "waterproof" claim), before it finally fell apart after 6 months or so of use.

Ram makes one, but they advertise it as disabling touch screens. I've read conflicting reports as to wether or not it really does disable them. I suspect it might just be really thick and make the touch screen difficult to use.

You can get small waterproof heavy duty bags designed to protect electronics at the beach/on boats/etc. But they don't let you run a power cable to the phone.

There are lots of iPhone cases to choose from, including a really nice looking one designed for mountain bikes that I plan to buy soon. I'm currently using a gym armband zip tied to what's left of the crap I bought on eBay. It's not waterproof, but I don't really like riding in the rain anyway.

Not sure about android phones though, probably harder to find since there's a new phone coming out every other week.

Seems like there should be something good out there.
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