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Cheers datchew,
that photo was taken in a special moment in time, I am glad the digital translation has not lost too much of this extended glorious moment. Lots of cold windy riding through some great steep and twisty mini-mountains. Then after riding for a while with the thought in my mind that I would really like to stop and take a photo of this marvelous country the sun finally explodes out its cloudy confines into that golden horizontal glory...
I pull up in this spot and walk around and soak it all in for a while, then that flock of white cockatoos starts flying around making the noises that only they can do, with that deep dark grey clouds as background- a wet background that I was about to head out of this sun and into.

the tank,
I have found it very hard to find any information on this tank that I bought.
Here is a german forum discussing the sale of a tank like mine (it looks either the same, or more likely IMO very very similar to mine- but is in much better condition than mine came to me)
here is a page on Sauer's own site
That tank with the paris dakar colour scheme looks more exactly like the shape of mine than the one shown on the previous forum does.

now, price? Well, datchew, because you inquired I'll send you the details of the german auction. I am not sure if these will go the path of /2 hoske tanks- all I can say is they fit very very well and are superbly made.
For others, IMO it was pretty cheap. A lot cheaper than other HPN/acerbis options I was watching. I think I got quite lucky. I don't know how rare these are, but I suspect they are rare enough not to be well known about, at least outside of a small niche German market. I certainly didn't know about them before I spotted the auction and won the bidding- for once I didn't even come close to maxing out my maximum bid! the photos made the tank look a fair bit worse than it actually was- maybe that explains it?

If one looked at it as a dollar value for liter capacity gained- well I suspect it was a steal, at least compared to anything I could have bought in my local market
I for one was very very happy with the purchase.

1974 R90/6
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