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Saturday made good progress, but hit a few snags. Started the tune up and began by adjusting the cam chain and then the lh valves, when I went to do the rh valves the tappet cover screw would not budge and I am embarrassed to say I did not have an impact driver (I do now!). Since I was waiting to pick up inner tubes and chain from my friend Brian (Wide Open Motosports) and he was not coming home until 5, decided to go ahead and start breaking down the wheels and tires.

Started on the front and as soon as I pulled the brake panel off, one of the brake shoe liners fell off in my hand ~ shi*! Had never see a bonded liner just fall off like that, so now I will need to rush order some shoes first thing tomorrow. The tire had not been off for a few decades and was pretty well stuck, so I remembered I had bought an antique iron bead breaker a few years ago at an auction and decided to give it a try. What do you know, it worked perfect.

Moved to the donor bike and pulled the rear wheel. As I was pulling it apart, I was thinking about what bits and pieces I could use now or as spares and as the brake panel separated from the wheel, one of the brake lininers fell off in my hand ~ double shi*! So I again used my handy dandy bead breaker and dismounted that tire as I needed the rear wheel to replace the one on the race bike as it has 4 broken spokes. After examining the wheel more closely, I came to the conclusion that maybe I better just try salvging the spokes and fixing the wheel I have.

So now it is close to 5 and I am going to head back to town, I pull the chain from the race bike for a sample and off I go in my old beater Volvo commuter car. Stopped at Napa, bought the impact driver and went to Brian's to pick up my parts. I get to Brian's and since his Blazer "Stinky"
is not in the driveway, thought that since I was pretty greasy and dirty that I would just wait til he got home and not go in the house and bother the family. I was a little tired, so kind of dozed off. I woke up and a police car was driving by looking at me. Hmmm, not good. He turned around, pulled up behind me and came to my window. He wanted to know who I was and what I was doing. I explained my business and he was cool, just said they had been having some issues in the neighborhood and my presence (greasy & dirty, sleeping in an old beater) had made someone nervous!

At this point Brian was late and I could not get him on the phone, so decided to head home. I got about a mile from home and the car quit! As I am working on the car, Brian calls to tell me that he is now home and it was his wife who called the police cause she did not recognize my old car! He thought it was pretty funny but at the moment I was failing to see the humor! I finally figured out the problem on the car, hot wired the fuel pump and make it home. What a day!

Today I'm planning to continue the tune up and get as far as I can, want to hear the bike run today if at all possible. Tomorrow I plan to do a next day air order on the brake shoes and anythng else I have to have. Stay tuned. More pics on smug mug. I would post multiple pictures on each of these posts, but so far am only able to do one pic at a time, any advice?
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