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Originally Posted by Frey Bentos View Post
Okay, I couldn't be holed to read all this thread at the moment but here's my 'stupid' question.
After ten years of 1100gs' i have just gotten the go ahead to look for a 'new' bike from The Oracle. I was thinking of either a new 660 tenere or more than likely an 800GS.

So chaps, would i regret getting the 800?
after 10 years on an 1100gs i don't think you would regret much except that the 11 is a little more comfy on long pavement rides, but then i don't think you would like long pavementon the tenere at all. I have the 650 twin and as far as i'm concerned it and the 8 are pretty much the same bike and probably the best allround go anywhere anytime bike out there at the moment. Their fairly comfy on the long haul and pretty easy to get way out in the boonies on!
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