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Nice treads !!!

Dave here in NZ.
You two are going to love the new Scout's.
I enjoyed a 16 day off road adventure around New Zealand on a pair last November and can quite comfortable say I rate them as brilliant 50/50 "GS" tread. At no time did they feel vague on the tar and hooked up very well off-road. I am however one of those that plays around with my tire pressure more than the average rider. I chuck a good 32-34 PSI in when I know I'll be looking at long road k's and soften the pressure to around 26 when getting into the gravel and rough stuff. This allows the tread around the shoulder of the Scout to really grab in and do it's job very well.

I also muck around with my suspension set-up for the changing conditions so I recon this adds to the overall performance and behavior of the bike.

As much as I love my F800 GS, I have ridden the Tiger XC and have to say if Triumph had come out with the XC before BMW beat them to it I would have given the XC a go. I loved the test ride and found the engine note to be almost sexy like a soft growl. Very smooth clutch and the throttle response was spot on. It was spanking new so I a expected it to be that way but it really did impressed me. I agree with you about the computer controls and ABS switching. I figure it's one of those things one will get use to over time.

I have keenly subscribed to your travel thread and will look forward to getting the RR updates. Thank you for taking the time to share your adventure with us all.

Kiwi Dave
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