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Brakes, tune up and other fun things....

Even though there was a lot to get done on the bike, yesterday being fathers day I decided to put family stuff on the front burner and in the morning we went to town, bought the wife a Rav 4 so that I can now drive her old Highlander and get rid of the cursed Volvo.

In the afternoon the youngest daughter came over for pizza and we decided to break out the dirt bikes and ride. My wife rode a little bit but the daughter and I tore it up for quite a while, I finally went in the shop and worked on the SL350 while the daughter continued riding around the property. It was a great day, we all had fun and still finished the tune up. I can now focus on finishing the chassis, getting it rideable in a day or so and work the bugs out. Time is tight but we will get it done.

Here is a picture of the front wheel from race bike and rear wheel from donor bike, note the brake linings have fallen off both. A rush order has been placed for brake shoes and OC is also bringing some spares.

Here is a picture of the motor during the tune up process (now completed), note the tin sleeves over intake boots that have been sealed with silicone. Previous owner had installed the CV carbs at an angle, deforming the boots and slightly tearing the LH boot. After I dimpled the frame for choke shaft clearance and got the spare set of carbs from OC sitting in the boots straight, each time I tried to tighten the clamps the boots would deform and collapse. The tin sleeves now distribute the clamping force more equally and the carbs are now straight and tight.

I did end up having to drill out the screw that holds the RH tappet adjustment cover on, the impact driver just rounded out the slots, so I got out the mighty makita out and killed the screw. When I have time I will easy-out the bad screw and reinstall the cover.

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