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Received and installed my Dr. Bean mod kit

The kind doc Bean mailed me a kit end of last week; arrived today in good health. Immediately off to the garage for an evening install (+ can of cold beer).

I decided to do the mod without removing the fuel lines, as the factory hose fasteners seemed pretty pro and I don't have a tool to pinch in new ones. If ever the pump would need fixing on the road (actually off the road, well u know what I mean) it would probably be done in a similar fashion, so this also served as a practice session. When doing the mod in this way it helps to have a friend close by, as an extra hand was useful in the under-the-bike-soldering phase. But, at gunpoint, I'm confident I could have done it just by myself.

Dr. Bean's instructions are very good, especially I appreciated the clear instructions on where exactly to cut the wires. And the kit itself just radiates reliability compared to the OEM lump of moving stamped metal parts and sparks. I only had one minor problem in making the mod (this maybe should be mentioned in the instructions): before reinstalling the modified pump to its original location, it's good to check if there might be a willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) lodged in the left side of the front cylinder, the same space where the fuel pump cable passes. If there is, as in my case , it may have yanked the cable connector upwards leaving the cable too tight for comfortable pump reinstallment. Remove the bird and gently coax the connector a centimeter or two towards the pump.

The old contacts were still reasonably good after 23,000km, although some pitting could be seen. Judging from the look, I'd guess they might have endured another 10-20,000km, but hard to say of course.

And, oh yes, the pump works like solid-state magic! I really don't expect ever having to be under my bike, on or off the road, for fuel pump reasons. So I guess the practice was in vain...
Thanks Dr. Bean, simply excellent stuff!!!
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