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Originally Posted by huckleberry View Post
notice how Mr. Knowitall has to point out names and then be a troll himself! i on the other hand refered to a post in the thread.
You obviously did not read the definition of internet troll. Just because you 'refer' to a post when you write your inflammatory, off-topic garble does not mean you are not trolling. Figure it out.

...And now you've stooped to calling names... wow.... very mature.

If you think I am trolling in any way shape or form you obviously don't understand what trolling is in the first place. Can you scroll up and read the definition or do I need to repost it again?

Just come to terms with the fact that you were trolling, let it go, and let the thread stay on topic of the Pirelli Scorpion Rally. It'll be better for you and ADV.

Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
Hell yeah they have our number. Agreed.

I'm hoping the 150 comes Stateside by mid-Summer. We'll see. It's a great tire. They do hook up better than TKC's, and apparently last just as long. My buddy has a set on his DRZ and likes 'em.
Originally Posted by huckleberry View Post
you actually have a buddy?
Explain to me how your post was 'referring' to anything pertinent to this thread.

Your post was 'inflammatory, extraneous, and off-topic' = troll.

Now go back under your bridge.

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