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That noise is the bike talkin' smack about your riding style.Seriously though, thats normal. My Tiger 1050 does the same thing. About the temp guage. You know, its the little things like that. That add up to increase the msrp. Also, it would be nice to have a button to turn the ABS off. But then they would have to redesign the hardware and that again will increase the MSRP. It would be nice to have it. Obviously the engineers did a simple work around to keep with in the budget.
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Just got back from a short ride with the to come...we have a lot of riding to do tomorrow...I know so sad Leslie & Cheryl...

They sure smell new....and handle really smooth. Pics to come and what the hell is that noise they make well after you shut them down...the computer? Seriously, about oh I dunno 30 secs or minute after you turn the bikes off sounds like the computer is shutting down. We are no techies but it was weird when we first heard it. Also, just a quick comparison with the Beemers...on the BMW GS bikes there is a switch to turn off the ABS. The Tigers not so much. You have to toggle thru the console buttons to turn the ABS off. Not a huge deal but just quite a few steps to get it off when hitting dirt roads. Also, on the Beemer there is an info button so you can toggle through the computer settings while riding. Tigers no info button and again have to push the buttons on the "dash" to get the info. No ambient temperature gauge on the Tiger like the BMW. I got a little temp gauge that I will stick on the bike. I have to know what the temperature is me anal. More in a bit!
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