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The 4 day boat ride is over in Puerto Montt. We left our helmets and jackets on the bike, and every thing was covered with cow dust (did you see the cattle in the pic,s above). We now smell like s#*t, and the dust in my helmet send my allergies into high gear.
We find a place to camp in Puerto Octay

We wake up to rain, Load up, I jump on the bike let the clutch out and go no where. Now what? We are at a camp ground, its raining, and we are stuck. I give the bike a look over and see that there is a bit of a gap between the clutch slave cylinder and the case. I take it off, clean the dirt off that has made its way between the two parts, and get it to mount back into place (tight) against the case. I had to bleed it a little and then we were back in business.

At this point it feels like every day there's an extra test to over come. We've past them all so far, but it would be nice just to have to ride.

Hell storm
Run out of gas (in no mans land)
Weld the racks
Crash in the mud
Get a flat
Fix the clutch

Really, not too bad. They were all quick fixes, and we're having a good time.

We make it to Entre Lagos, SOAKED.

Any bike can be taken off road. The question is; How much fun did you have doing it?

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