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Around to Valdez

The next day we decided to go check out Valdez. The highway around, Richardson or whatever they call it, just blew us away and was probably the most memorable strip of road for the entire trip for Tina and I. Not in the sense that I wished I was riding the bike because the curves were still around 35 MPH over Thompson Pass if I remember correctly so it didnít meet my preferred pavement riding of 10 MPH switchbacks or less (according to the yellow sign of course) but itís beauty was beyond belief. But, I wonít waste your time trying to describe it, Iíll just let my camera do the talking again.

The Rat-dog was obviously enjoying the scenery.

That is maybe not the safest thing to do though, but I suppose neither is taking pictures while riding and I like doing that tooÖ.it just looked so cool in my rear-view mirror, too bad that didnít come out better. I do condone such dangerous behavior of course.

More beautiful than the most beautiful piece of artwork could ever hope to be if you ask meÖ

Öand these are just cheap copies of it.

After a good solid day and a half of driving, give or take, we made our way through the last canyon. We stopped at the falls, Bridal Veil again if Iím not mistaken, all socked in with fog giving it an eerie and enchanted feeling.

Then we drove on and headed into Valdez, decided to check out the harbor, boardwalk, and beach then look for some lunch.

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