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Sweet Sound of a Vintage Twin!

Last night finally fired up the old girl and she ran surprisingly well. After warmed up, I rode up and down the driveway, my wife said she was watching me and I had an ear to ear grin.

Still working thru many details. Since the last post I discovered my new Knechts battery (two months old) would not take or hold a full charge, to fire the bike I charged it as much as possible and then left the charger hooked to it unti it was started. The voltmeter showed the bikes charging system was running at 13 volts, so that is working. Have a new Napa battery ordered and will pick that up tonite, hope it is better than that Knecht cra*!

In the picture you will notice it has a new front tire, I had decided to get that mounted while I was waiting for the brake parts to come in and as usual I pinched the tube (I have never been very succesful at mounting tires). Grrrr! Brian is coming over tonite and he seems to have a knack for tire changing so we will redo the front and change the rear, hopefully with no more leaks.

Pulled one shock off and removed spring, the dampening seems just fine, surprising for a pair of SW shocks mounted in '85. Put on a new chain, cleaned the fuel tank and petcock, the gaskets and seals for the petcock are very marginal but much to my surprise as of last night were not leaking.

After I got it running I called Paul (OC) and held the phone by the exhaust and revved it up a few times, he said it sounded like I had my Yamaha 175 running! Very funny Wise-Guy!

Still left to do; tires & tubes front and rear, brake shoes front and rear, new plugs, tidy up wiring, operational kill switch, clutch cable & clutch adjust, double check fuel system for leaks (I'm paranoid, you should see the seals and gaskets in the petcock, eek) and replace air filters. Still will spend time going over every nut and bolt and after run it a little more will drain the regular oil and refill engine with synthetic. And that should just about do it, then I'll be ready to practice a little around the barn yard.

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Cool LC. Good to see another one running. While not an SL or going to be raced, I'm resurrecting a 74 CB 200 for Ladybug.... these are such fun bikes to work on.

Good luck this weekend both of you!
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