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I was wondering where the poison pill was.
I had more faith in Motorola would last, but I found after I got into this thread my phone we set to never be updated to the later Ginger and MaryAnne thing.
Here's an odd thing; my wife is still using an old NV2 that is about 4 years old with the original battery no less. The one I had the battery began dying after half a day.

This "old" Droid won't last for the flight from OC to Seattle if I listen to music in-flight in airplane mode.
It is going to be replaced, and probably with a newer Droid. I still don't trust the phone anymore.
When we were on vacation last summer, using the phone for navigation, following routes my daughter had created in Goggle Maps, We lost the GPS function when I made a phone call, (hit Bambi and needed to make a report so insurance could fight with us about replacing our obsolete car...), no more GPS after that, cell service dropped to zero bars too.
Once we re-established cell service the GPS came back after cycling power.
Made me think the maps and GPS were only useful with cell service not so useful out and away. I don't depend on it anymore for directions.
I don't know if this is unique to my phone but from your demos and the discussions I tend to think it is just the older phone.

I will likely get this taken care of this weekend since I have a trip into the big empty to take here in a bit. I'd prefer a phone that at least worked as a phone if I needed it.

Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
I'm loving my Nexus S. If you want to be able to run the remote control you will need the latest Gingerbread (android 2.3.4).

As for battery life, that is just criminal. That isn't because the cells are bad. They put software in the battery pack that tells them to last less time after so many cycles. They do that so your batteries will die and will not be replaceable because they stopped making that model when the new phone came out. Grr...
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