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Preperation of paperwork

For anyone that might be interested heres some quick figures on how much it cost to ship the bike and what I had to do

Exporting the Bike

Dangerous goods cerificate usually there is one near the airport somewhere the one I used was
DGM AustraliaPty Ltd
32 Ricketty Street Mascot NSW 2020
Phone Number 02 9669 4811
Fax Number 02 9669 4822
Just take your bike in there in office hours 9 to 5 and they will be able to do it for you
Cost $104.00 that includes GST

Bike shioment via Qantas airlines
Freight Weigh bill and all other paper work needed by Qantas all done at their office as part of this fee. $2089

Gps Tracking
Garmin Zumo 660 bought at $844 got my maps for Southern Africa and Eastern Africa around a $150 each through them very helpfull service.

Spot tracker a very handy devic e that allows you to give your exact position and subscribe to tracking and emergency call, cost all up was around $330 for the unit $224 and a 12 month subscription around a $100. If you have an incident you can flick a a cover and will send your exact location to emergency personal or on the other side just send emails to family and friends to let them know you are ok or if you need help. You might find it cheaper but I bought mine from this mob and recieved it on the east coast from Perth in 3 days with no dramas.

Travel Insurance
Actually did a bit of research on this as well and World Nomads I found were on of the better priced cost $648.00 for 12 months including my Nikon D7000
Use the promotional token VOYGNR for a 7% saving on your policy which works out a fair bit on a 12 month policy, that worked for me but if it doesent work just google, world nomads insurance promotional token and you will find some others.

The Carnet
Check out if you need it where you are travelling, needed usually in Africa, Asia and South America and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
Firstly and I know im in New South Wales in Australia so this is only going to help Aussie riders unfortunatly.
Firstly become a member of the NRMA, RACQ or the revalant motoring authority in your state.
Now the contact details for the girl Amanda that handled my Carnet and was really nice not to mention good looking lol
Amanda Mulder at NRMA Tourism & Leisure
Level 20, 141 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone Number 02 89 13 0600
Fax Number 02 99 56 7707
Carnet form available and other information available on this page
Things you will need
Copy of Passport
Copy of Lisence
Copy of NRMA or similar card or at least your membership number which is all I had.
Copy of current Registration
Motorcycle Evaluation (I got mine of off the net or ask a dealer to write you one out with their shop logo on it.)
Departure date for you and the bike or car.
Rough intinary or countries to be visited
As all countries have differing rates you need to cover ( mine was in Egypt of 150%) some are up to 450% but they are such as Iran 400% and Syria 450% etc but they are the minority, I paid the indeminity part which is in my case the value of the bike x 150% divided by 2% which in my case worked out to be $1170.70.
$250 of that being a refundable deposit on return of the Carnet.
The steps I took I rang Amanda and then faxed off my paperwork and she emailed me back what I needed or had forgot. Basically allow 10 days to recieve it but as I went in to the office in North Sydney I was able to get mine from the time I sent all my updated paperwork to the time I got it was 4 days including a weekend so very very helpful service.
Important to not lose it and make sure you have it stamped in and out of each country check that it is done and and ask for it to be corrected if nesacary all onus is on you to fill it out and have it filled out properly.

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