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Bike prep

Bike prep

I got the bike with few extra bits:
-TT tank
-front suspension upgraded - although I do not know how much better it is now and what was the upgrade about, for all I know it could be only the stickers...
- rear Ohlins suspension
- rear rack

It looked like this:

Since I had not enough time to ride the bike like it deserves, it left me with enough money (not spent on petrol..) to upgrade this and that.

First came the front fairing with mudguard – wind protection and better lights, with a lot of cockpit space. Then muffler – I bought the cheapest on the market, which was a mistake. Leo Vince is attached in one spot only and tends to drop, causing burns on water hose. I might have to pay for that later... The reason for change is that original has a cat converter that heats up a lot – my plan was to get Giant Loop bag that could get burned. I don’t care about power and noise – after KTM it’s too quiet and powerful like a postie bike anyway.
Bag came next and is big enough for my needs. Just in case I got Wolfman duffle bag, just as a spare space. Who knows – I might buy a goat or something!

Next on a list – steering. Wider bar, steering damper, clutch lever, levers protection. I was stubbing in the dark and got the wrong stuff after all. Zeta clutch lever is awesome – two fingers is better than four, and stock one looks like it belongs to some kind of farming equipment anyway. It has no neutral light switch though and no mirror mount, so I got some plastic one that shakes like an alcoholic.

Damper – the cheaper the better, right? Wrong! Scotts unit might be good, but mounting is crap. Some sort of tower/pole/lug needs to be welded to the frame. It is too tall, load is too high and it cracked after two days. Welding itself was so expensive, that I ended up being north of 1000$ for this exercise. Plan was to weld it back again in Russia - cheaper for sure and cannot get worse than it is now.

Next on a list – lever protectors. Zeta makes a nice ones, with built-in blinkers. Too bad it doesn’t work with ABS stuff. There is a lot of hydraulic connectors behind brake lever and it all would be devastated during first tip-over to the right. I got Barkbusters then - much better fit, designed for this particular bike model.

Both Scotts and levers protection will end up on my other bike, so it’s not a complete waste.

Stock seat is just bad. Hard like a brick, shaped like a brick and nice like a brick too. XPC seat is much better, although still seems a bit hard after four 10-hour days in a saddle during my test ride (slight baboon-ass syndrome). Just in case I take Airhawk with me.

Bashplate – TT with toll compartment. It’s good to keep heavy stuff way down, but I wonder how it’s going to work out during water crossings. I see some rusty tools in near future

Stainless steel wheel spacers – better than stock aluminium that allegedly wears out quick.

Booster plug and K&N air filter for good measure and I was ready to go!
Being qualified bush mechanic I decided not to touch engine as I would have no clue how to fix it later.

I was brave enough to do some electickery – three switches on cockpit to switch off GPS power supply, grip heaters and cigarette socket. Grip heaters have their own control unit, but at that time I wasn’t sure what model I’ll get so it was a precaution rather than necessity. Cigarette socket is crucial to charge phone, Scala Rider and Spot batteries during ride.

I’ve got a feeling that there is something I missed but anyway – that’s how it looks now:

There was also a front view photo, but there is some ‘no nipples’ policy here that I have to respect.

Side view, ready to go:

There is also last minute update on steering damper - Scotts will meeet Ms. Hacksaw Blade in Korea, replaced by RalleMoto unit.

It looks like ash cloud is gone so I'll be gone tomorrow too!

Spot -

Just one ride so far, but at least a long one -
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