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I could never get this set-up to my liking. The AKs limit the fork travel and did not have enough compression resistence to prevent bottoming during off road use. I even added the preload adjusters at the last tuning. I ended up pulling and selling them.

They are OK for on-road and do reduce brake dive.

I have had stock, Hyperpro, traxxion and now have Ohlins. The Ohlins 30mm set-up is the best by far and gives the maximum range of adjustablility to go from on to off road. The only area that is not to my liking is rapid, high speed compliance such as washboard gravel roads. It is not as plush as I would like, but since that is not what I ride it is worth it for the other benefits. I have two sets of wheels... one with street tires and the other with knobs. I ride the ends of the dual sport extremes and don't spend much time in the middle (ie gravel roads). Dave
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