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Geezas Greg.. You are one ugly bastard!! And I mean that with love in my heart mate...

Originally Posted by Wasp View Post
Nice one Bully, Ya big mouth prick..
What about the old saying: What happens on the trail - Stay's on the trail????????????????????
Did you hear me bagging out Barge on the interwebz when he tried to hump that tree on the go?... ohh, hang on I did do that .

Yes all right,, I donged myself with the pointy end of a tree branch today and I wasnt even riding the bike.

We had just peaked over the top of a really gnarly hill climb and stopped at a tree fallen across the trail at about lunch time so we thought now was as good a time as any for a lunch break...
After we scoffed down a couple of sandwiches and admired the view I decided to build up the front face of this (about 18" diameter) fallen tree with an 8>10" log that just happened to have a handy carry handle off-shoot branch sticking out of it.
The log was about 10 to 15kg and dry as, so when i had the weight off the ground the little foot long/pointy end decided to snap off recoiling the sharp point straight back through my lower lip and rattling my bottom teeth... Actually loosened the R/H lower front tooth.
Here's me standing there with blood gushing out of a 6mm diameter piercing through my lower lip and all bully could suggest is that I thread a "snakes alive" through it (he always carts a packet around) to 1: Stop the bleeding, and 2: Cancel out the taste of blood for the ride home.

A bloody good ride though, and we all lived to tell the tail.


P.S - I have some great video footage of todays ride that I will put on this thread as soon as I can work out how to edit them.
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