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Originally Posted by jdpower View Post
Greg, I may have missed it, but how'd that shifter get straighened out, and did you have to replace it?
It straightened out very well indeed, considering the fact that the toe piece was bent 180 degree's till the tip was 10>12mm from touching back on the lever.

Bully had Quick and easy access to his long reach plug socket and a 6" long 10mm diameter piece of steel rod (socket "T" bar).
I used the rod as a lever to bend the shifter tip out about 1" then hammered (assisted by a rock) the plug socket over the tip of the toe piece and wrenched it around from there.
It felt like new after these bush mods.

For that kind of off roading, wouldn't a foldable shifter fit the ticket?
Folding shift and brake levers are beneficial for any bike that see's the type of terrain where you are passing rocks and logs. I would like to have them on my bike but I havent seen them around yet.
Maybe one day if I get time to finish the other projects that I want to do...?
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