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Originally Posted by Plane Dr View Post
I saw this thread and jumped on it. My grips were well past wore out. I didn't care for the look of grip puppies so I wasn't sure what to do.

So I ordered up the set from the Beemershop. Everyone I checked on the web wanted the same price for the grips so why not. They were a tad steep on S&H ($9) but they shipped fast. I ordered them tuesday got them today, installed them in 20-30 minutes.

It worked like a charm. It's nice to have decent grips again. I guess I'll "test" them tomorrow.
Totally agree. Personally I didn't want Grip Puppies either because of the exta thickness which would impead the heat from the heated grips transfering through effectively. Also I don't particularly like the look or feel of an 'over grip' hence why i went for Beemer shop. Oh and sending OS was also an important consideration.

The Beemershop was out of stock when I ordered the grips and so they weren't sent until almost 4 weeks after my order. I didn't know this until I enquired and then got the reply from customer service guy about the backlog and delay. I would have prefered being told up front that there was going to be a delay, a question of setting the customer expectations etc, but I got the grips in the end, sent to Switzerland, all in all about 5 weeks after I ordered them.

So far I've done now about 2,000kms with the new grips and I'm very happy with the feel and comfort with the small exception of the LHS grip, there is a connector for the heating element that sticks out and causes a bump in the grip for the fore-finger. Even though I cut a bit out of the grip for this connector, it is still a bit annoying but I'm getting used to it. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do about it?

The job is pretty easy and even for a novice like me it was pretty straight forward.
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