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In the morning the wind had taken the rain away and we continue north on the 40. Argentina has information stations in areas of interests, but they should be called mis-information stations. We want to do a side loop into a park, but we had heard the next gas station was out of gas. So, if we dont do the loop we could make it to the next station. We see a mis-information station and stop. The lady says the park is great and that she just got off the phone and the gas station now has gas.
So, off we go to see the Monkey-Tree's and camp at Villa Peheunia.

Guess what! The gas station has NO gas, We make camp in a crowded camp ground and see what happens in the morning.

In the morning, still no gas. We start asking people if they have a gallon of gas. We find a guy by the lake with a boat, jackpot. They were real nice and wouldn't take any money for the gas. I was able to sneak some money into their car as we left. Next stop, we brush camp out side of Bardas Blancas

We were heading into a huge thunder storm. We decide to pull off the road and camp instead of getting blasted by rain (were learning). We watch an amazing lightning show and go to sleep hoping the thunder clouds dont make it over to us during the night.
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