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Thanks for posting guys and I hope you are enjoying our little ride report, but I have to say. The folks at Mike's were very very very hospitable and cool to us. We came in late and they fixed us an amazing supper and I felt right at home. You must have caught them on a bad night. Keep in mind we are Baja noobs. I know there are other places to stay, but I wouldn't hesitate to visit them again.

If I came into a place and some drunks in a bar were rude to me, I would knock them on the floor, take their seat, and drink their beer. I try not to get offended by people. They're just people.

I have to agree with you. My experience at Mike's was similar to yours especially since we were there the same night! I'm the guy from the group with beard if you remember us. I was perusing ride reports and the statement about the XR that would start or run but not both sounded familiar. Looked at the photo and sure enough it was you guys. Glad to see you guys made it back home safe.

Not only did the staff at Mike's treat us well, the maintenance man/groundskeeper helped launch a rescue mission to retrieve our injured friend on the far right.

We've got quite a few photos from our trip. I'm going to have to put together a ride report before I forget the details. Anywho, enjoyed reading your RR.

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