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I had finally made it to the end of the track. Light House at Cape May. The second pic if the dune that stop cars from driving into the Atlantic. LOL

Mileages. I always took a pic of the speedo and the GPS. With A 12t front sprocket, I am inclined to trust the GPS.

Not bad for one day...mostly dirt...and the day was still not over.

This was the mileage after I made it to DeerSlayer's(ADV) casa.

"camp" set up at Doug's. Was not that dark out..but camera made it seem that way.

6 am, up early due to a rooster crowing..LOL...redbull, cliffbar, and checking out online. This was the one and only time either the camera tripod or the Alite monarch chair came out.

And this was the glorious pool that cooled me off( and cleaned me up), after a full day of riding.

This was a nice little fish pond. It was nice....the water fountain running all guessed it...made me have to piss all night long. LOL

Random shot of the rear tire. Knobbies holding up surprisingly well..especially after many pavement miles. The southern sections are mostly pavement, simply because there is no legal dirt down there.

Since I was not doing the TNJT back up( I was planning on seeing a buddy in Sicklerville before he moves to MA), Doug had given me some nice legal dirt roads to check out on the way back. These shots below are of the Tuckahoe WMA, IIRC.

Another nice legal dirt road...not too maintained anymore.

The McD's I ate brunch was Sunday.

Stopping at my buddies house..unfortuneatly he was not there. Mixed signals. LOL

And the final mileages. Not bad for a weekend trip....70% offroad I'd say.

last post:
I came home on mostly pavement. After doing so much of it the day before, i was more used to the way the bike handled it. I basically winged it taking random roads, lefts and rights in the general direction of where I live. I was able to get back on dirt closer to home which was a nice way to end the ride. Nothing like riding familiar ground and know you're almost home.

thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.
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