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Pissed F800GS Wont start - Help

I have gone through a few posts to make sure I am not asking a question on a known issue here. It appears I may have a bad fuel pump or something with the tank.

So here's what happened.

I rode about 60 miles yesterday up in the hills with lots of dirt time. (west Camino Cielo area.) The bike ran just fine. Prior to heading out, I fueled up with some 92 octane in a 2 plastic fuel jug. Bike ran just fine the whole time. Started and stopped the engine twice during the ride for pics and water. Rode home, out the bike in the garage. All done. No issues.

Today. I was going to do the same ride again, but go further. So I use the same fuel can, add another gallon or so. Fill it to the red tab as usual. Roll it out of the garage and go to start it up. It just cranks and cranks. No even the slightest indication of combustion occurring. Crank crank crank. Nothing. Put it on it center stand. Crank crank crank. Nothing. Open the gas cap and crank crank crank. Nothing. Nada. No the battery is getting low. (I have a charger.)

Anyone know what the f**k is wrong? It is a 09 F800GS with 3700 miles on it. I suspect a faulty fuel pump, but not sure.

Any ideas? Oh yea, my closest dealer is 50 miles or so away and closed til Tuesday.

Thanks inmates.........
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