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In order of prevalence....

#1: stuck fuel injectors. Old glue like gas will cause this, as wil gas with the slightest trace of deisel or contaminated with many other things. Aluminum oxide from the fuel pump caused by alcohol oxygenated fuel contaminated with water will do this as well.

Solution, take of the little plastic triangle on the right side of the bike. It is the cover held on by 1 T25 screw. Look inside and you will be able to see the right fuel injector. Thump the injector repeatedly with something hard and flat while cranking the engine. Try not to bend the injector, just induce sharp shocks and it will usually in-stick.

If that works, get the fuel out of it and find fresh fuel from a diferent provider.

Riding the bike is acceptable to get the fuel out, but don't turn it off till your pouring in fresh fuel.

Buy some BMW techron and use 1oz per gallon for the next few tanks, then once every thousand miles.

#2: stuck fuel pump. Remove your fuel pump controller. It's the metal thing with fins and 3 wires plugged into it. It is under the seat and under the big rubber cap with a hose coming out of it. It is secured by 2 T20's.

Once the fuel controller is removed, unplug it's connector from the fuel pump. Needle nosed pleyers help but either way, u need to squeeze the tabs on the sides of the connector.

Once this is out of the way, rig up a way to get power from the battery directly to the terminals on the pump. Polarity doesn't matter, you want to apply power for just a second and then reverse the polarity and do this a couple of times, never longer then a second at a time. What your doing is jogging the pump back ond fourth to un-jam it. Blue bullet connectors, the crimp on sort will more or less fit these terminals. You can get those from any automotive store.

There may be some risk of fire and explosion. The fuel pump controller and ZFE act as a fuse. You will be bypassing that fuse. Under any normal circumstance the fumes in the tank will be way to rich to ignite, but under some possible circumstance, it could be ignitable. If preceding does not make sense, concider NOT doing the above. Cars and motorcycles never blow up in 49 of the 50 states, but you are in the one state it does happen, especially in Hollywood.

#3: DME brain fart. Rare, but just like windozs, the bikes operating system can crash. Unhook the battery for a few hours.

What's described above with the fuel pressure sensor failing is super rare. Less then 10 in warranty failures for the whole USA in 3 years, but it is possible. The connector for the FP sensor is behind the same cover the fuel injector is. Unplug it, if it starts and runs, that was your problem.

Good luck.
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