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The Glacier of Valdez

Speaking of socked in with fog creating an eerie and enchanted feeling, after striking out looking for employment in Denali, Homer, Seward and now Valdez, we decided to check out the glacier. It was just a little out of town and the road turned to dirt at the end. We drove to the end and took some pictures of the little bay.

There were some sea kayaks getting back from their charter so we decided to drive off a little bit and find a little more secluded place to park. I noticed there were quite a few little dirt trails leading off the main road in that looked like exactly my type of riding, so I threw on my trusty MSR Gore-Tex, or whatever he is using these days, unloaded the bike and set off to investigate. Tina was content to chill in the truck so I popped the top for her and set off.

There were a ton of little dirt tracks throughout there, they mostly all dead-ended into a place someone cleared out to dump their trash. They made for good riding, I was a little concerned with picking up a nail and getting a flat though.

I love just putting around with nowhere to go, just taking every interesting little side road and track leading off to simply see where it ends. I was circling around the bay, just to see how far I could go, plus it was nice and rocky, and then I ran into a cool little cairn someone erected so I decided to take some more pictures.

Then I took this little side-track that went around for a little ways and put me out in a wash where I found some nice flowers, so I decided to take some more pics.

(I couldn’t tell which one I liked better so I put them all in, hope that is OK)

Then I navigated the slick boulder field to get a little closer to the river.

I turned around and noticed someone had a bad day many years ago out there, or simply couldn't find a better place to ditch their old junker.

Snapped a few more slightly redundant shots…

Then I went over to see what the fat KLR could do on the little motocross track someone had built out there. It was kind of hard clearing the doubles, but the tabletops weren’t too bad (yea right), and after a few laps in both directions I then headed back to the truck, loaded up and headed out after a quick meal and some extremely good riding.

Apparently, on the way out we saw some sort of a tunnel.

And, also another glacier, its crazy how just a slight change in light really brings out the blue.

But I do remember the magnificent painting in the sky.

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