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So, being back to work and the normal routine has given me some time to reflect on the trip. Its one of those type things where there are times you are hating it and ready to bail on the whole thing, but once you get through and you are done and can see the finish line, you are glad you kept going and finished it.

I had two crossings that could have easily ruined the trip and my day. Before I did either one of them, I had to fight off thoughts of bailing right there or turning back and finding a go around. Both of these areas though, would have been 1.5 hrs plus go arounds. I had decided to just go for it and hope for the best. Obviously, since I made it, I got through them.

I had two drops for the trip as well, and both were in deep soft sand. I know how to handle sand just fine for normal riding, but like I had mentioned, the fully(over) loaded bike was a new animal. Each time, I was mad at myself for letting it happen..knowing better. Picking up the overloaded bike twice was no fun chore. If I had more drops than that, it could have been a trip sour point as well. I had a couple times where I got lucky, and somehow got the bike total sideways in the sand, while doing a good clip, and still pulled out of it. I did not stop to take any pics, but they were each those kind of moments when you get through and thank your lucky stars.

Finally, the bike. I loved and hated this bike during the trip. When I was in the sand, I was happy not to have a bigger bike. A bigger bike being loaded down would have been unbearable. Then, On the smoother dirt sections and the street stuff, I was wishing I had a much bigger engined DS bike. Especially one with a comfortable seat and power. Overall though, the bike did everything I asked it to...even getting me out of some situations where I would have buried the DRZ to the axles. I typically hate riding on pavement with the knobbies..but on the mostly street ride home on Sunday, I actually got used to it. I started trusting them more and having fun on some of the curves. If I ever get a bigger tank, I can see myself starting to ride it to work more. I can see how fun it is on the street.....especially if I ever find a fair priced(cheap) set of SM wheels/tires for it.

Thanks again for checking it out and hope you enjoyed it.
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