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Originally Posted by sagedrifter View Post
Make sure your pilot jet is really clean, what your describing is a back fire or decel pop?
It's popping through deceleration. After working through the many variations of jets and settings and riding from 700 to 6500 feel in elevation, I believe that the 150 jet is the way to go. Funny how I started with the suggested settings and played around with every variation. Now I'm back to the original suggested settings. I just didn't expect the pop.

So far:
- Louder / safer
- Much better throttle response
- Overall a more exciting bike to ride
- Improved low and mid range power

- Top end power struggles from 70-75mph. Could still need some fine tuning
- Deceleration pop
- Loss of stealthiness while exploring in the mountains
- Have to upgrade to a better carb. to hit the sweet spot

Thanks for everyone's answers and advice!
'08 DR 650
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