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Originally Posted by TripTheNinja View Post
It's popping through deceleration. After working through the many variations of jets and settings and riding from 700 to 6500 feel in elevation, I believe that the 150 jet is the way to go. Funny how I started with the suggested settings and played around with every variation. Now I'm back to the original suggested settings. I just didn't expect the pop.

So far:
- Louder / safer
- Much better throttle response
- Overall a more exciting bike to ride
- Improved low and mid range power

- Top end power struggles from 70-75mph. Could still need some fine tuning
- Deceleration pop
- Loss of stealthiness while exploring in the mountains
- Have to upgrade to a better carb. to hit the sweet spot

Thanks for everyone's answers and advice!
Well, we are only talking around 38 hp or so... Depending on load, 70 indicated will not come instantly.

If you can get 47 mpg or better your carb is probably good. I get 47 to 53 mpg depending on load and my mood. I find the bike likes 75 mph indicated or less. When traveling I run about 64 mph (around 70 indicated) on the GPS and get 50 mpg or better. My bike pops on decel and smoothly pulls to the rev limiter....
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