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Question Big C3 problems

Anthony -- I'm now in Thunder Bay ON enroute to the RA Rally in Chippewa Falls via the top of Lake Superior. I had a major issue with the C3/SRC system today and need your advice.

I love this helmet and have probably 4k miles on it now, but the water flecking issue I reported a few weeks ago (when riding in rain I feel flecks of water hitting my face) was much worse in the heavy rains I've experienced on this trip. Chin vent position doesn't make a difference, but I do notice it more at 50mph or higher in moderate to heavy rain. The speed it happens makes me wonder if turbulence off the windscreen (ZTechnik) is causing the visor to flutter a bit allowing water to enter. I've pressed the visor quite firmly and even tried to slam it shut a few times, but it doesn't make a difference. My riding buddy has the same helmet and he is able to lock the visor down with a firm slam. The only way I can do that is with both hands pressing very firmly at the bottom pull tabs, and then in the wind it often opens a crack. It appears to be installed correctly and moves freely thru the entire range except that last critical snap shut.

After four hours in moderate to heavy rain today I could feel water dripping down my neckline. At a gas station when I opened the chin guard and swung the mike out of the way I noticed it was completely soaked with water. A few minutes later the mike stopped working completely: I could hear my riding buddy but not reply, and when my wife called I could hear her but was unable to reply to her.

I've also had water drops collect between the visor and the pinlock, at times reducing my visibility to unsafe levels. I don't understand that, as the pinlock worked well from day one until just a week ago. The silicone seems to be in contact with the visor all the way around, but it's really become a problem.

What is going on with me and this helmet? It is by far the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, but for the price I expect to be able to use it in any conditions. I ride a GS, not one of those chrome-laden things that only come out on sunny days. And now it looks like the visor leakage issue has ruined a $400 comm system in the middle of a ride far from home.
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