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I ordered the Traxxion set-up last year and used my weight (230) then added 30 pounds for gear and told them I'm a pretty aggressive rider - they ask you your riding style on the order form.

Indy helped with the install and set the oil level to 125mm if memory serves me correctly (Indy ???). At the same time I installed the Hyperpro rear shock ordered with similar specs. Was very pleased with the Hyperpro but the Traxxion inserts left me kind of disappointed.

Well, what I had assumed was the that the Traxxion kit was 'baselined' from the factory like the Hyperpro - WRONG. It wasn't until a few weeks of riding a very unimpressive and expensive fork set-up that I began to fiddle with the settings - yes, I'm a dumb ass and know almost nothing about forks, valving, oil levels, and spring rates, etc.

They're dialed in now and I am very happy with the Traxxion kit. I still have some minor tweaking in my future as it will bottom out on the really nasty stuff - granted I'm not skying the bike 35 feet but it's a great solution for the severely handicapped stock forks. I'll probably just bring the oil level up another 10/20mm and work on the adjusters from there but it's on it's way to being the best mod I've made.

My $0.02.
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