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After landing in Korea it took just a while to get luggage, find Jonathon and jump on a bus. Tiling job at Korean airport was mediocre Ė governments try to outstyle each other by having better looking airport, but they are lacking in finish quality. They surprised with the menís loo Ė just check this out:

Do they really have such a long penises? LordMaciek stated that Polish people have the longest willies on Earth, but I must confess that reaching all the way to the bottom of this was a challenge. They might have very short legs though...

Wendy picked us up from bus terminal, we left luggage in storage (locked with her fingerprint scan Ė she didnít want us to leave her somewhere J ) and went exploring Seoul. We were totally surprised that she wanted to waste time with us and are eternally grateful that she did. In exchange we embarrassed her in subway by talking too loud and having too much fun Ė some old fart didnít like it and reprimanded her. Why not us? We were the loud idiots. Well, we learned about yeat another cultural difference the unpleasant way.
We visited Royal Palace and then went for some food and traditional tea. I liked the old, narrow part of Seoul , food was great and Soju (rice wine) wasnít bad either.

Of course we missed the bus to Donghae, but Wendy saved our asses once again Ė she talked ticket lady into exchanging our expired tickets for new ones. There was a bit of nervousness when we tried to pay Wendy for her services Ė ATM didnít like our cards. She said that we can transfer money later, but Iíve read somewhere about some clients that didnít pay her fully and I didnít want her to feel exposed to next scam. Secret stash of USD kept for Russia and Ďstansí saved our reputation.

Haven't seen much big motorbikes in Seoul, but there was a lot of 'cargo scooters' (most of them were a scooters alt least...):

Bus was OK Ė it was pissing heavily, we were glad bikes were already in Donghae. Jonathon speaks some Korean so he managed to explain to taxi driver that we need some shitty hotel with bad reputation. I donít know Ė maybe he was asking for something fancy, but thatís not where we were sleeping that night.

Local beer and chicken joint filled us up, giving me serious headache in the morning. It must have been the chicken...

Just one ride so far, but at least a long one -
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