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We woke up, grabbed taxi to the ferry terminal (about 700m ride) and stood in line. Almost all passengers were Russians or Koreans. Apart from us there were two 4wd with French crew and one German guy in 4wd. We were being constantly passed in queue by some sneaky Russians - there is only one of them in front of you, but it seems he holds spot for 40 others. Eventually got tickets and went to sort bikes out.

They were still crated, but already on the ferry. Good for us, otherwise we would have to set them up in the rain. Crew let us onboard to work on the bikes and after 90 minutes we were almost ready.

Bikes can ride now, but I forgot to take some special key to undo steering bar in Jonathonís bike (it was lowered for shipping by the dealer). We had no time to put dampers on, I just got rid of Scotts mount by means of hacksaw blade kept in my bare hand and a lot of swear words.

We were not sure about the luggage so took it with us, which was a mistake Ė we had to walk around with 30kg of awkwardly shaped stuff, then there was security checkpoint. I didnít realise that it wonít be legal to take knife onboard and I had two of them plus knife blade in Leatherman. It would be a massive loss to my camping gear so I weaselled my way in by pretending that knifes didnít exist and Leatherman was just a pair of pliers. We were not allowed to take all the gear onboard anyway Ė it was taken checked inn and would be released in Vladivostok.

Then came the bad news Ė because of some typhoon our cruise was delayed. They said something about leaving next day around 5 am.
The only thing to do was to socialize with other passengers. We made friends with group of four French guys taking two 4wdís across Russia, one German guy with the same plan but different route and couple of Russians. I expected foreigners to stick together, but was surprised by Russians approaching us to talk about our trip (we stood up from the crowd from the beginning carrying helmets and strange luggage).
Everybody was nice, even stereotypical Russian drunks treated us with a lot of gallantry, or least as much gallantry as can be expected from drunks. Ferry was due to arrive at 11 am on Tuesday, so after solving Johnís steering bar problem (6mm hexagonal socket fits male torx perfectly), we socialised a bit more.

Then it stopped raining for a while so I took some pictures f the ferry:

Sleeping on the outside is always better than with 20 smokers in one room:

Few more hours and we should be there:

There was not much to comment on tiling on the ferry.

Just one ride so far, but at least a long one -
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