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I just noticed you're from Armington...I have family there so odds are you know them. Ackerson is their name, small world indeed.

Not sure if you'd come from the North or South...coming from Bloomington you would go North on 39 to the Lake Road exit, exit 8 I think? If you go North on the service road (251 - I 39 used to be U.S. 51) there are actually 3 bridges there...the Interstate....the one you are on....and if you look East there is the old steel bridge. Drank many a beer and shot .22's off that bridge back in the day. Awesome whitetail herd in there, you can see hundreds at dusk to the South of Lake Evergreen.

I think you can still get to it off of the Lake Road...when you turn off of 39 go East a little way and then take a left (North). There's some houses back in there and that road will take a big loop East and put you back on the Lake road so you can't get lost.

My buddies own a lot of the bottom land on the North side so I always came from that side but it's all private property...and be careful most are pretty cool but there's eye's everywhere and like I said we used to do a lot of shooting down there.

I know I'm getting long winded here but once you check that out go East on the Lake Road to the Tee and have a burger at Green Gables, really miss that. If Kevin is working tell him Mike (Burky) says hi and get directions to another bridge just North of the dam at Lake Bloomington, it's not steel but it's a cool little vantage point. If you keep following the Mackinaw there are a bunch of little bridges all the way down.

Heck if you head into El Paso stop at Topsy's and mention me, you'll either get smacked or someone will buy you a beer!

I expect pictures!

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