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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
No, I can see this guys. The bike will fill higher easier on side stand, so....


If this was the cause, it will intermittently run like a turd till the canister is completely purged, but then will be fine.

Impossible to say for sure, but overfilling is a possible scenario.
This seems to be what's happened with my F8GS. I was having a hell of a time starting it and finally took it to the dealer where, after sitting for a week, it started just fine. This week it seems to have returned to its regular, reliable starting, self. We'll see if this trend continues.

I first thought that I had a clogged or stuck injector. All the symptoms fit except that I've been running non-ethanol gas as much a possible all this year. I've only put in two tanks of ethanol gas this year and that was on days that I immediately ran out that tank and refilled with non-ethanol gas. The bike was also stored last winter with non-ethanol gas.

My owners manual says that to get the rated tank volume that I should fill it to the bottom of the red funnel on the side stand.

I do have two questions about the carbon canister.

- Why does getting liquid fuel into the canister cause no start? Joel implied that it's just way too rich on start as it's sucking in liquid gas out of the canister. Is it so rich that it won't even try to fire, even a little bit?

- If I did get gas into the canister, did it do any damage? Do I need to replace the canister?

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