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Just had to get out. The weather was way too nice on Sunday. Geared up, Fueled up, Lets Go!! I headed west to the mountains. What way did ya think I was gonna go? East to Nebraska? No thanks. I'm sure there is good riding out that way. Somewhere. Maybe.

My plan for the day was an attempt at Rollins pass. I know there's a lot of snow, but some passes do get plowed and that is pretty major one between Denver and Winter Park. What's the worst that can happen? I hit snow and get turned around.

Begin the normal route to leave the city. 6th ave to Golden. Then one of a few different canyons to get to the dirt. I know the pavement routes here, but the dirt is all new. I took Coal Creek Canyon today.

This is a fun stretch of pavement and it wasn't too busy today. I turned South at the intersection of 72 and 119. Only two miles and I'm in Rollinsville. Pretty popular this Rollins guy is. He has a pass AND a town named after him.

The dirt is packed and actually more like pavement than gravel along the valley floor.

I got to the end of the line. I missed my turn. These things happen with out GPS.

That's the train tunnel that goes under the continental dived to Winter Park. Hmm...If the pass is snowed in and I really wanna get to WP, maybe I could just go through there!

I head back the way Hobbes and I came and found the turn I missed. Up we go! Lots of baby's heads makes for a bumpy ride. Increase speed and it smooths out nicely!

I have noticed this bike does have some bump steer. A steering dampner may be in order. I think a knobby front might take care of it too and that'll be a helluva lot cheaper. The standing position is great. I'm getting really used to it. I was never comfortable standing on the KLR. It is much easier to get over the tank on this one.

End of the line. Well shit, that was quick.

I don't think this pass will open this summer. I wasn't even close to hitting tree line. I had at least 1500 of elevation to gain yet.

Well there was a little offshoot back there. Lets see if that goes higher. Nope just a water crossing.

Great place to get Hobbes wet for the first time. I pissed him off and he called it quits in the middle of the stream. Actually, the bike has a really tall first gear and I fucked up. My boot is now five pounds heavier with cold ass snow melt. And on a side note, why the hell can't anyone make a waterproof motocross boot?!

The climb out on the opposite bank was interesting with wet street tires. This bike is a bit of a hand full on stuff like this. A little more seat time and it won't be a problem.

I made it back down to the bottom of the pass and started heading towards home. The only problem was I wasn't done riding yet. A gravel road to the right you see? Roger. This one took off towards Mammoth Gultch. Lots of Jeeps coming down the trail. That's usually a good sign.

There are some good exploring possibilities back there. But light would soon begin to fade and I needed to press on to get home.

The no name pass was only 10,400 feet and in the sun, so no problems with snow. I kicked up a herd of elk on my way up, so I stopped to say hi.

I understand why this section of mountains divides the continent. They sure are massive. And too much damn snow. I wanna get to the top!

Good gravel back to Central City.

I passed though the gambling district of Blackhawk and they have built one huge monstrosity of a casino into the mountain there. All the blue hairs stared at me as rolled down the main drag. I look out of place amongst the Harley riders in tank tops and lack of brain buckets. Have fun skidding on the pavement with that tank top! I'm sure your wife will be happy that she won't ever have to shave her legs again cause of the scars you gave her since she was wearing shorts when your drunk ass low sided that pig. I'd rather sweat my ass off in all my gear every time I ride, thanks.

A quick climb over Smith's Hill and I'm on my favorite section of pavement in the world. Golden Gate Canyon Road just outside Golden, CO. Oh what a sweet piece of tarmac that is. Just a little Sunday jaunt for a few hours.
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