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Finshing out day 1

Next task at hand was to setup camp. I had reservations at the only campground I found on Google in Marietta. It is along the Muskingum river. It was a newish campground and rather plain and open but it was nice. It had a huge picnic shelter. That is where we parked our bikes for the night to keep the dew off.

I ran into Randy at the campground. He summers here and winters in Florida. He had a Yamaha under a cover under the picnic shelter with 90,000 miles on it. He has been all over the country on it. Look him up if you are there he is a nice guy and it was great talking with him.

My tent.

My office away from home.

It was time for some coffee so I got a recommendation from Randy and headed down the river to historic Harmar village. Now I use to live on Harmar hill and had know idea we had a village.

I stopped at the Busy Bee restaurant for coffee. Randy said they had the best breakfast in the area but we never made it back.

I had the usual diner look inside.

After coffee it was time to go see the old house. This is where I lived until I was 11. The neighborhood sure looked smaller than I remembered and doesn't look like it has been kept up very well.

Next stop was back to town for more exploring. The next few shots are of various parts of town. Marietta is a neat, old, historic town. I don't know what people do for a living there.

River park.

Other end of the park.

Downtown. Love the brick streets though they are rough on a bike.

Another part of town.

Love the old homes in town.

Another home.

Another brick street.

Historic marker.

Historic marker describing the locks on the river.

I love the architecture of old churches.

Another church.

The Lafayette Hotel apparently is the place to stay while you are here. It is at the intersection of the Muskingum and Ohio rivers.

Modern post offices sure lack the personality this one has.

The public library.

The court house. It pales in comparison to the City Hall in Philadelphia, but very nice anyway.

Swung by the old ball fields where I use to play. There must be a dozen fields here. I have never seen a town that apparently loves baseball like this one.

I was getting a little hot and hungry, so I thought I would have a little snack while I cool down. This sign distinctly says "pie", but they didn't have any.

So I had double chocolate chip cookies instead. They were excellent but they weren't pie.

It was time to move toward the Muskingum river now. Like most historic river towns, this one had a lot of shipping in the past, especially with paddlewheelers. I would love to go back in time and see the shore lined with various paddlewheelers loading and unloading passengers and cargo.

The Valley Gem. You can take river cruises on these boats.

Another angle of the Valley Gem. I don't know what the name is of the boat closest to shore.

There is a historic paddlewheeler at the museum called the W.P. Snyder. It has run down and it appears they are finally going to restore it. But it has been 2 years since this sign said they started the project and the boat still looks terrible.

The W.P. Snyder.

What is a river town without some stories of floods. They are proud of their history and proud of their floods.

My great aunt died at the age of 95. She was 6 years old during the flood of 1913 and she could still remember it. But with waters that high, it would be a memorable event. The flood of 1913 rose to the top of the 2nd pole from the right. That flood was 53' higher than the next highest flood.

This is a sign at the museum showing how much the river use to freeze over. I don't remember the Ohio freezing over but I do remember the Muskingum freezing over. Deer would walk across it and people would walk out and build snowmen on it. I don't know if it still freezes over or not.

About this time I went back to camp to wait for my friend. He showed up a little after 6:00 pm. We setup his tent and went down the river to the Boathouse BBQ restaurant. They have a nice outside dining area overlooking the Muskingum river.

If you look closely in the photo above, you see an interesting blue house in across the river. Here is a closer look. Apparently people like to make their houses look like boats here.

That was it for Friday. We went back to camp and hung out until time to hit the sack. Before hitting the sack we finished off some whiskey and some micro-brew from the Marietta Brewing Company. Saturday we planned to follow the Muskingum river to Zanesville and hit route 555 back.
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