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Day 3

After we got to Little Fort and crossed on the "reaction Ferry" which was a first for me, we had to wait for the Rocky Mountaineer to pass before carrying on. The road over to Barrier was a lot of fun and had a nice variety of Gravel, Pavement and MUD. I was Ok through the ruts where we stopped to pick up a couple of other riders bikes, everyone seemed OK. A pick up truck passes by and rolls down the window to infor one of the other riders "If you think this is bad just wait!" and laughed. I thought Oh Good this should be fun. Now you won't see me on the cover of any Off-Road-Style magazine any time soon, BUT... I managed not to crash, and my ego only took a few bruises. I have some action shots courtesy of Greg "Prime" from Kamloops, thank you very much!.

Yep my feet were hanging like that until I saw a camera....

This mud was good to ride on and I was getting my Mojo back.

I stopped to take fuel for the hungry beast in Barrier and then topped up in Chase. Coming down into the Nicola Valley later that day was a blast on some nice narrow twisting pavement, I was having a bit too much fun there, Then a short but sweet run over Old Nicola road before dropping into Merritt and the Big BCBTR6 party.

Me B.Sing in the back ground.

Greg Rolls in.

It felt good to be one of the early ones after the previous day rolling in almost dead last (it help to have very few delays / roadside maintenance issues ). The food was great, and plentiful. The hosts were very gracious and patient with all the questions, comments, etc. I even won a door prize, a grey ADV shirt that I will wear with pride.

The next morning after getting our Hortons fix Greg joined, and lead our group south from Merrit to Brookmere. One of the guys (who will remain nameless) was having technical difficulties with a borrowed Go-Pro. We had a "Go" without a "pro". Footage anyone?? We pulled in front of the Water tower and lined up for the touristy shot. As I leaned the bike onto the side stand I found my self lying on the ground think "what the hell just happened?" The ground was good everywere except that few square inches, somewhere in the trees was a BMW pilot with a big camera, laughing, I just know it!

"weird... it's good over here!?!"

A couple of Other riders joined us at Brookmere and I sugested we stay on the KVR as it was a short jaunt to were it joins the Coalmont road . They agreed to follow me and we followed the short but very scenic section. There was a trail marked "Coalmont" down to the right just before a few large rocks blocked the way ahead. We stopped to have a look at where the trestle used to be and at the "two" puddles at the end of the path to the road. "the water only looks a foot deep from up here" I said. The rider on the Dakar 650 replied "I'm calling bullshit on that!" We laughed. Greg rode down the smaller, steeper bicycle trail into the water and the rest of us walked back to the bikes and used the marked bypass. Greg was waiting for us with camera at the ready like a good soldier! The two puddles turned out to be three, the first hidden by the trees and a bit of a mud bog. No problem now for us studly adventurers . The Dakar pilot was right, a bit deeper, but Oh so fun! Once again action shots by Greg.

We stopped in Tulameen and were asked to sign a petition to keep motorized vehicles On the KVR. The Bicycle Nazis don't want to share anymore I guess. I was happy to champion the cause and held up our little group while I gave the petition guy some info and my KVR ride report details. Sorry guys. We then carried on to pose for Greg in front of the now totally closed (Oh yeah it was Sunday) Hotel in Coalmont. As we left I warned the other riders about the deer along this stretch, "Oh... then you lead Lee" I chased a few animals off the road for the others benifit. When we arrived at Princeton we stopped at the Petro for gas, ready to head our seperate ways. A couple of Funky Trikes rolled in while we prepared to roll.

The Yellow VW powered one was driven by a fiesty woman in leather in her Seventies if I had to guess (I do). She felt like talking, Grampa Munster in the Munster Mobile did not.

The Fiesty Old Woman felt like talking. She went on to tell us how this woman, a total stranger you see, told her that she was going to use Fiesty's trike. Unbelievable don't you know "She tells me that she is going to use MY Trike for a ride!" Well it didn't happen. "Some time later this same woman again tells me she is going to use my bike for a ride she is planning" " now boys there is going to be a bad word coming." she says to us. She continues (Us youngsters now fairly warned) " I say back to her" she states adamantly, fire in her eyes, "sure, what are friends for, now that we have known each other for awhile. " And while you are out riding my Trike I will be at your place fucking your husband !" That aparently put an end to the Trike borrowing nonsense! "I would sooner lend out my husband, if I had one, than lend out my Trike !" You go Grandma! A woman after my own heart, and pretty damn cool old gal. After that little story we all shook hands and I headed east on Old Hedley road for Summerland and my camp for the day just south of Penticton.

More to come....
I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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