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Took the bike for a trip this weekend and put a good number of miles on the highway at 70-80 MPH. Can you say crazy wind roar? I even put the wax ear plugs in and it was still too noisy for me. When I stood and let the wind hit me full on it was whisper quiet; sit down again and freight train! I'm not as happy with the windscreen anymore. It's great for low speed and off-road, IMO, (oh and looks) but not so good on the highway. Damn!

Anyone else feel this way? Mind you, I have an Aeroflow on my 1150 Adventure (not a good comparison).....but this doesn't even come close. It's actually better with the tiny F650GS screen, noise-wise, which barely comes above the gauges. Do I need to sell it and buy the big-ass Aeroflow? Damn!

Bummed in Austin
This is not good news for me, I'm expecting my new Desierto III to be delivered tomorrow. Definately want less noise as original screen is crazy loud for me. Whats your length and what kind of seat are you using? Maybe there will be a barely used D3 for sale here soon =).

ps. If were talking big/quiet screens, is the AeroFlow best in class? Might order one of them if this doesn't work.
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