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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
Did you address water issues with a Steripen, filter, or chemical treatment?

I tried to be 100% with the Steripen everywhere in Perú, and had good results with it. I used it even on bottled water since the world over bottled water meets local standards. I would pour the bottled water into a Nalgene bottle and zap it with the Steripen.

The only time I suffered the consequences of the water was in Cuzco, when I absent mindedly drank two cups of coca tea in the hotel lobby.

I'm really paying attention to what happened to you with altitude. Just another comment on the altitude there....for me, I found the adjustment was required going down as well as up. No stomach problems the whole trip in Perú, but I found myself wandering around like a zombie in Lima, at sea level, waiting to fly home. For days after getting home, I still found myself adjusting to the altitude changes.

Facinating story, keep it coming...

I saw a good doctor at a modern clinic in Cusco and he did not believe I was suffering from altitude-related issues... the Diamox seemed to do its job. I took it for three days before arriving in Cusco and two additional days once at altitude. The doctor was actually impressed with my pulse-ox level of 94%. His diagnosis was Cryptosporidium and Giardia infection, and he prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-parasitic.

I too used a Steripen (great device), but I remember buying a bottle of water from a street vendor when we first arrived in Peru and consuming it before realizing that the plastic security ring was missing. The doctor said it is not uncommon for vendors to "recycle" name-brand water bottles, sometimes even using crazy glue to reattach the security ring.

My friend Culin drank the local water, tea, lemonaide, etc. and had no stomach issues at all.
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