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Day 6 part 2

I followed the bypass and it just merges onto a logging road and since my borrowed GPS is just doing the Tron thing (leaving a blue line on a white screen I have no reference as to where I am. Not lost yet, I still have plenty of fuel, I’m “exploring”. As I come around a corner there is a logging truck whose driver is just getting ready to roll. I ask him how to get to hwy 33 and he tells me “follow this road to mile marker 71, take a hard left and follow it to highway 33. Make a left to go to Kelowna”. I thank him and go ripping down the hard packed gravel. His directions are right on and I am soon on the pavement heading for Kelowna. It has been awhile since I had done 33 and it is a lot of fun, and for a change I don’t see any deer. After a food and fuel stop I carry on south to 97 C and across to Merritt. I have decided to make a bit of time as I want to end up in Lillooet by days end. Along Hwy 8 from Merritt to Spences Bridge I stop a couple of times to indulge my fascination with the KVR.

I briefly consider crossing one rather large trestle but after walking it I decide the risk outweighs the benefit, one screw up there and you are in the raging river.

The trail deteriorates badly after that anyway so it would mean returning to cross a second time. I stay on the pavement and make time to Lytton. At Lytton I head north on highway 12, a nice stretch of pavement that is underused, making for a nice run up to Lillooet. I pull out the camera and experiment with one handed riding / shooting through the best curves with mixed results.

Lillooet is hot and I need to clean up after a long day. The campground on the north side of the bridge is fairly barren and unappealing so I ride out to the BC Hydro one just past the spawning channel before the entrance to Duffy Lake road. It is very picturesque and very clean.

It is missing showers but otherwise a great spot and it’s free. There are a couple of other riders on matching GS 800’s that ask if I was at BCBTR6 and I tell them yes. By the time I am cleaned up and set up they are no where to be seen, early night I guess. Other than the roaring river the place is nice and quiet and I make an early night of it as well. I feel as though I am being watched......

I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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