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Wide Open Motorsports

Those of you who have been following along have heard me mention my friend Brian at Wide Open Motorsports and how much he has helped with this (and other) projects. As I have gotten to know a few of you, it occurs to me that some of you appreciate how much friendships mean and might enjoy the story on how Brian and I came to know each other and become life long friends.

When I was 27 and no longer racing in any way (I had flat tracked from age 18 to 25 and was pretty burned out) a group of young men that were trying to build a race track at the local fair grounds approached me and asked if I would help them. They needed assistance working with the local fair board and were having trouble making any headway. I decided to get involved and before you know it was working with the fair board and then actually building a race track (it is still there in St Helens, except it is car only track now).

During the race track bulding process, a man walked up to me and said "I've been watching you for a few days and have a son who is ten years old and really wants to learn about racing. I want you to take him under your wing and teach him." After a moment of surprise, I decided I wanted to meet this young man, so told the dad to bring him over. He went and got his son, I asked him a few questions, mainly would he do as he was told and work hard. He gave all the right answers so I told his dad we would give it a try and see what happened.

As it turned out, not only was Brian a good worker, but also a dedicated young racer who had good success for many years and eventually came to ride quads at a fairly high level, appearing on televison as the captain of the Seattle team when the quads would battle during intermissions of the monster truck events. It was all just a show but his riding talents were (and are) for real.

So back to 1981, when the flat track season ended, my enthusiasm for riding had returned and once again began riding but vowed to only do it if it was "fun". We would take Brian with us trail riding and to some of the grand prixs and mx races we competed in. 30 years later, Brian is a devoted family man, a great husband and father who works a day job and then spends most everynight in his garage building motors and repairing motorcycles and quads. We have worked together in our regular work careers, raced an open wheeled modifed as a team and even go fishing when time allows. He is a great friend and I am proud to know him.

Wide Open Motorsports

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