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Hinton, Alberta to Dawson Creek, BC

We took it easy last night and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Hinton. It was supposed to rain and it did. Plus, we wanted to load up a lot of pictures. Besides this is our hard earned holiday isnít it?

Had a nice warm breakfast and headed to route 40 from the hotel. But before we actually got too far we needed to make a pit stop at the local Hinton Canadian Tire so Cheryl could go McGyver trying to figure out how to secure our GPS to her bike. We did not get the bikes soon enough to hard wire the GPS and me (Leslie) did not know the mount we had for the GPS was not a 1 inch ball. It is 1/2 so I bought the wrong attachment.
In any case of course Cheryl figured out how to secure the GPS using indoor outdoor thick double sided tape and electrical tape. This is now what her set up looks like and she LOVES it.

Weather was mostly sunny today but the cross winds were at times almost hurtful and I literally mean felt like we were being punched! After driving away from Hinton it was really cool to be able to make that right up Rt 40 to start our trek to Alaska. As I posted before we were in Hinton last year and had to pass by this sign to head home.

Our first pit stop was at Grand Cache, Alberta for some fuel and a quick poke around the visitor centre.

Some displays of the local wildlife.

Next stop was in Grand Prairie, Alberta where we filled up with some fuel and did a quick clean and lube of our chains. The dealer used wax on the chains. What a job to get that off and just use lube.

Just an observation about the Tigerís center kickstand. Either the design is wrong or we are just stupid? On our Beemers we can easily lift our bikes without having to have help from the other. This bike NO WAY. It is weird and no matter what we do both of us can not get the bikes up on the stand by ourselves. Also, Triumph needs to add stronger springs, we even have a little bungee cord trying to keep the stands from smacking the underside of the bike. The bikes are great and I will try to do a post on the bad and the good as soon as I can. itís the little things that make us scratch our heads.

Back on the road towards Dawson Creek and couldnít pass by THIS character who was beckoning to us from the side of the road in Beaverlodge.

This is the sky for most of the dayÖ.very puffy eh?

How funny is this..we left BC on June 29th, lost an hour of time heading into Alberta and returned to BC today and gained the hour lost.

Last stop for the day is Dawson Creek where we are currently posting this update from.

A big thank you to Auntie Marilynne and Uncle Fred for their wonderful hospitality!

We will be spending tomorrow here in Dawson Creek and leaving for Fort Nelson on Sunday morning. Love Leslieís helmet hair?

Next post will be????????? Hopefully when we get to Fort Nelson. This is where the real adventure begins and we are having fun talking with Cherylís family in Dawson Creek about what we might expect. Lotís of things to watch out for and things to see. On thing is for sure the weather either makes or breaks this type of trip. Everyone send good vibes for weather we can deal withÖ.we do not want anything to extreme. For nowÖ..Cheers until next time.
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