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Day 8

Early morning light roused me to the nice clean shower room and another early start. I was at the high end of the camp by purpose and once packed and ready I simply rolled down out of the camp without firing up the Dragon. At the entrance / exit and well away from the campers I fired up the 990 and let it warm. Back on northbound 101 I cruised toward Earl’s Cove intending to stop at a Hortons or the like along the way. A sign for Sargeant Bay Provincial Park caught my attention and on a whim I broke left onto Half Moon Bay road. The detour was worth the time and after all it was really early. The morning light was great for pictures so I took the time to salute the ADVers by the beach.

The Dragon by the beach early morning.

Sargeant Bay in the provincial park.

I salute you with the traditional salute.

Half moon Bay road was a pure joy to run and other than the deer I had the road to my self. I took full advantage to let out the hooligan for a rubber peeling pre-breakfast play. Another Doe and her two fawns stood motionless at the end of a driveway as I ripped by. I had at first though they were statues until her head moved. That brought me back to earth and I toned down the later part of the run back to where it met highway 101 again. The highway up from there to Earls Cove was spectacular and could be used for an F1 race as the man at the Ferry pointed out. I was about 50 minutes early for the first ferry across to Saltery Bay but the ferry attendant was a motorcyclist and kept my occupied with questions about the Orange Dragon which caught his eye and started the conversation. It turns out that he was another man with M.B.S. (Multiple Bike Syndrome) His favorite was his Triumph Bonneville and I had guessed that by his belt buckle. One other rider eventually showed up and we boarded first.

Earl's Cove to Saltery Bay.

It was a fairly short hop over to the north end at Saltery Bay. I had consulted with the crew on the way over and they suggested a campground at Powell River, Willingdon Beach Campground. My plan was to set camp and go exploring the back roads around the area. I had still not spotted a restaurant that interested me and was at the south end of Powell River. I fueled and asked about a car wash as it was time to wash the Big Trailie ride off the beast and do some maintenance. I was directed by a friendly local a few blocks away from the gas station to a bike shop and car was. I bought a can of chain lube and went next door to wash the bike. I got carried away, and a couple of hours later the Dragon was shining brightly again with a clean and adjusted chain. The bike shop owner (Guys Cycle Works & Marine) had come over and helped get the loaded mule up on the center stand so I did not have to remove the heavy bags. He was happy to tell me how good the back roads around Powell River were and which ones I should not miss. I headed up to the Campground and checked in, again at the very top of the campground under some huge pines.

The Willingdon Beach campground is a great spot and very well kept with nice clean facilities including laundry and a beach hut food outlet that was surprisingly good. Maybe it was the setting or my need to do laundry, or a bit of weariness but I just spent the rest of the day lounging around the campsite. I got my exercise walking the steep hill back up to the camp spot every time I descended to the beach, laundry or food shack all cruelly at the bottom of the hill. The weather was great and I had high hopes for the next day.

more to come...
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