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Day 3 July 2 615 kms Meziadin to Watson Lake

Woke up this morning and it was raining. It had rained all night, but inside my Big Agnes tent I was nice and dry. Got up early, packed all my gear….in the rain and the bike wouldn’t start. I kind of figured that was going to happen, as when I got to the campsite the night before, the battery was almost dead, and I had to bump start it. I had run the heated grip quite a bit the day before, and figured that was probably the reason. Pushed my bike up the hill and tried to bump start it again, but a combination of cold engine, and wet, real smooth pavement, the back tire just skidded.
Hmmmm. So I sat, in the rain, and waited for people to get up so I could ask someone for a jump start. The first couple early risers had either no jumper cables, or didn’t speak enough English to know what jumper cables were ( I looked it up and Jumper cable sounds almost the same in German, so maybe it was just me)
Finally, a young fella was walking up the road and I asked him, he said sure, so I pushed my bike back down the hill to his truck and he got out his cables, and the Buell fired right up. He was fairly local, so I asked him if he thought I would be able to buy jumper cables at Bell 2 ( next town) and he wasn’t sure. So then he offers me the cables he had. Said he had a better set at home. I thanked him profusely, but the cables in my panniers, and away I went. If anyone knows a young fellow Named Randy from Terrace who drives a silver chevy pickup, tell him BC Brian says thanks again. Gotta like random acts of kindness.
So, away I go in the rain with a new to me set of cables . I get to Bell 2 for gas, and……. Bike won’t start. Crap. I dig out Randy’s cables and ask a lady if she ould mind giving me a boost after she fills up with gas. While I am waiting, I recheck my battery connection, and they are a little loose. I tighten them and the bike fires right up. Problem solved

At Bell 2

So away I go, in the rain. It was pretty cold and miserable out, and I didn’t dare use my hand warmers, so I just rode, and rode, and rode, in the rain. I stopped a couple times to stretch, always near a hill, just in case. Bike started good every time. Got to Dease lake for fuel and lunch, and couldn’t find a restaurant. Started and stopped the bike a number of times while trying to find lunch. No problems. Found a deli in the super market and had a real good, real greasy, full of saturated fat hot wings, fries and a corn dog ( I could feel the ateries hardening. Left Dease Lake with a full tank and a full belly, but the bike hesitated a bit beforeit started. Hmmmm…… must be because I started and started so many times in the lasr while...................
Rode for a couple of hours, and needed to stop for a break, so I pulled over for a stretch

Walked around, had a drink, got back on the bike and…….wouldn’t start. Crap. Unload the bike, clean the connections real good, retighten....nope. Get out the cables and stand on the side of the road holding up the cables to every vehicle that drives by (not a lot, I might add)
After a few vehicles drive by, an older motorhome with Alaska plates stops and we hook up my new cables. Bike fires right up and away I go.
Now I am getting concerned. I stop for another break and to add fuel, on a hill and the bike fires up like there was never a problem
Finally I get to the Yukon border

Left the bike running for this shot

And Arrive at the Air Force Hotel

Get all signed in, go to move my bike, and…… you guessed it, Won’t start.
The hotel owner couldn’t find his battery charger, so the Buell is hooked up to his pickup over night, and hopefully will have enough of a charge to keep me going for a bit tomorrow.
Oh yeah, It stopped raining for the last couple hundred kms, and the sun even came out for a while

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