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Days 9 and 10

I woke to the unmistakable sound of rain drops hitting the tent fly. Damn! I had been talking to my wife who was on route to Vancouver Island for her brother’s wedding and was expecting to be in Sydney by late that afternoon. The afternoon before, I had told her that I wouldn’t be there until the 24th, in the afternoon. I was now reconsidering that plan, as I listened to the patter of rain on nylon. I have no issue with riding in the rain, but did I want to ride unfamiliar roads (of unknown consistency, no doubt muddy) and camp in the rain afterward? The short answer was no, so they would have to wait for another trip and to packing I got before things got too wet. After a fast break down of camp and a leisurely shower I hit the nearby Timmies’ for breakfast. The weather lightened slightly as I headed for the ferry terminal for what would be a long wait for the day’s first ride over to Comox. I killed time talking to the only other rider waiting for the boat. He rode a touring BMW (no idea what model, sorry) He was sporting the (apparently required) mascot, Buzz Light year, taped to the rear fender. Nice guy and we talked on the ferry ride over as well while he had BC ferries finest cuisine (hopefully he is OK).

He was meeting a couple of buddies on the Island side to ride up and down the Island with. They were on the shoulder as we exited the boat in Comox. I rode south toward Sydney with a small detour in mind along the way as the weather across the Strait was much better as was my mood when the clouds broke. I took the big road to make time to Horne Lake road and headed west into the woods. The road winds a bit and could be confusing but it is well signed. I was going to check out the Horne Lake Caves. The road was great fun and nicely graveled most of the way. It wound past cottages and into the park. It started to rain as I got to the parking lot, but at that point I didn’t care as the sky hinted that it would be short lived. I hiked across a swinging bridge and up to the caves. The main cave was closed but one of the small self guided ones was accessible. A brief sortie into the cave and I returned along the dark rain forest path to the waiting Dragon.

Swingin' bridge

Leading me down the path

Rain Forest

getting back to my roots.

These boots wern't made for walkin'

It's a CAVE, Man!

Still raining I had a second helping of this nice road. By the time I hit pavement the sun had made a return appearance. I blasted south across the Malahat and jumped off at Thetis Lake Park and took a spectacular, narrow winding road up into the Highlands. This was a gem and I could have ridden this all day long. At the other side it dumped me out west of Cordova Bay.

The Cedar Wood Inn in Sydney

A change from camping.

From there it was a short hop up to Sydney and where I would spend the next couple of days, other than a visit down to Victoria for Scott at Adrenaline Motorcycle Co-Op to install a new K-60 rear tire for me. He has a great shop and his service is second to none! He was patient with me hanging around waiting for the tire to arrive (and for awhile it did not look like the supplier would come through). In the end I had run over to Visit my Brother in law and Scott called to say it had come in. I ran back and he wasted no time getting it mounted and balanced. He even checked my wheel bearings to ensure I would not have any issues on the remainder of my trip. If you are passing through go support your fellow ADVer, even if just to see his amazing mongrel KLR / Versys Franken bike.

The next day was taken up with family and family wedding celebration, but I still managed to do some biking, and the GPS that I borrowed came in handy running into and around Victoria, making one trip back to Sydney at night much easier on unfamiliar roads. I played around with pictures at the nice place called Sea Cider, the setting for the small informal wedding. One of the guests came on a 950 SMT.

more to come....
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