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Day 11 and the Toad

The eleventh day sees me packing up as the others slept. I just can’t shut off the early mental alarm clock. I have breakfast and wait for the rest of my family to wake before setting off. My wife and kids and in-laws will be heading north to Parksville to spend a few days there, while I head home to take over pet sitting duties from one of my children’s friends. If not for this I would have stayed as I could find lots of places to explore on the Island and along the way back. There will be other trips for this and I have packed a lot into this one already. I manage to be the last vehicle on the early ferry, and sit behind the trucks and busses on the lower level. I have to settle for stacking a couple of car blocks under the bike as the nice big KTM orange ones are all at the front of the upper deck where bikes usually reside. On the way back my focus is making time but I plan to cross Grey Creek Pass if the locals say it is possible. I take highway 3 from Hope across to Castlegar and then across to Nelson. I plan to camp just the other side of the ferry at Kootenay Bay and it is getting late. A quick stop at the liquor store for a…. closed, wtf ?!, OH, Sundaynot in Alberta remember, Duh! Onward to the ferry at Balfour. Talking to one of the locals, and no way is Grey Creek Pass going to happen tomorrow. “We had a hard winter around here, there is still 13 feet at the summit” on to plan B. I make plan B as I visit the funky bakery that another in line points back to with a mouth full, “Good bakery”. I buy a couple of things, Dinner and Breakfast and pull out of line. The ferry was going to be 45 minutes to arrive yet, and another hour to load and cross, and since I could not do the pass I would rather find some gravel going north. I headed up 31 to Toad Rock Campground. I have been past it many times and have meant to check it out before, now seems a perfect time and I have pounded enough miles for one day. It is a 5 minute blast north from Balfour to the camp on the left side of the road. If you have never been you really should. It is specifically meant for motorcyclists and caters on an honor system to their every need. Rustic in some ways and luxurious in others, but eclectic, all around.

Toad Rock's new washroom and shower house.

The social scene at Toad Rock.

A Toad rock Welcome.

In need of a change, try Toad Rock.

Mary (the owner) came over on her golf cart to greet me and explain how things work. After that I was on my own. I set up and did a bit of exploring and socializing. I made it an early night again as I was beat.

A little More to come....
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