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We decide on Bolivia. We go to the embassy for Bolivia to fill out the paper work turn in copies of photos and pay our money. Its 135 dollars each to be put into the Bolivian bank. The also want you to have 6 months on your pass port. Milena has 2 months left. Not wanting to wire 270 dollars into an account and then be denied at the boarder we asked if this would be a problem. The guy at the desk went to ask the big man up stairs. No Bolivia for us.
It was a bum'er because we were a day or two from meeting up with Goat on his way south.
...but the Atacama should be neat to see, we head west into the mnt., and clouds.

The whole day was dirt road and as were were getting close to the boarder and town, we could see the storm that we were going to have to ride through to get there. We decide to pull off the road out of the wind and camp; again hope'n the storm doesn't make its way over to us in the night.

We were luck and skipped the storm. We road down the hill and pass the flat lake bed (where we could see that the storm was hit'n). It was supper muddy and there were two semi trucks buried up to there axles on the road. We ask the drivers if they needed any food or water. They were fine and help was on the way.

We make it to San Pedro for lunch.
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