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Soweto Johannasburg

Went for a ride over to Soweto today, thought its one of those place i have to go have a look at. The traffic was prety ordinary, I was lucky i was on the bike as I just shot up the inside most of it at around 40 k an hour but for everyone else it was bumper to bumper for miles and miles. I have made a decision not to go looking for non tollway routes as im sure ill find plenty of them in my travels so if ive got a good road to ride on im going to ride it. Stopped at the Apartheid Museum very interesting and obvuiously alot of Nelson Mendela stuff in there but an interesting look into the history of South Africa.

Eventually got into Soweto and was quite and eye opener felt a little hesitant at first as I had been warned not to go there and that it was dangerous but it was ok, the funny thing is that over in Soweto there are kids playing everywhere on the street but in just about every area ive been to kids are a rarity and they just arent playing on the streets like they were over there, very interesting i guess everywhere else the kids are behind big high walls that are covered in electric and barbed wire.

The housing over there in Soweto is pretty basic well deadset basic but from getting around this area there seems to be alot of that what we would call slums, although I dont want to call them that as these people live in them and from what I could see of the kids they all had smiles on their faces so i guess you just make do with what you have in this part of the world. Went and had a look at the soccer stadiums, no games on their actually quite big im sure they must get good crowds to the local games.

After spending awhile in Soweto then headed back to Johannesburg as it was sort of on the way. Had a good look around was around 3ish so the traffic getting in there was pretty heavy but it was ok m not in a hurry, I was happy to sit in the traffic in the city centre to have a look around and had my camera out snapping away while going nowhere. Stopped and had a drink and then thought i better get going and head home. as it was getting late.

Really nice dinner as usual the food they are dishing up is bloody lush, Had a chat for awhile but was pretty tired so called it a night.

The Apartheid Museum was really interesting

Obvioudsly there was a big presence of Nelson Mandela in here but it had alot of other interesting history on South Africa

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