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Hartbeespoort Dam and Sandton City

Woke up around 8ish and headed over to the pretty nice breakfast they put on every morning, had a chat to this Kiwi girl from Hamilton that is staying here she was off to see some Lions and Rhinos today, thought I should ask her if I could go but im so not into the organised tour deal, something ill have to change if I want to get into the Game parks as they dont let motorbikes in them.

Thought i'd head over to the Hartbeespoort Dam Arthur had told me about so got him to put it into my gps after breakfeast so that was the plan for today.

Was having a great ride the weather has been absolutley perfect for riding loving every minute of being out on the road, just beofre I got there a couple of guys rode past on Bmw gs 1200's so I followed them. Arthur had said the dam was a popular ride so thought thery must know where they are going.

They had stopped at an intersection so I pulled up to say G'day and introduce myself to Kill and Peiter and see if indeed they were heading to the dam. Kill asked me to join them for lunch, i needed a drink so thought it was a good idea. We went down the road to a little place, monkeys chucking stuff on the roof while we sat there. Id only just pigged out on my breakfast so wasnt that hungry so i just had a coke and and a local ginger beer that Kill said I needed to try, ok that was crap give me as coke anyday. Spent a little time there chatting then headed down to the dam and took a few photos was. Was no Hoover dam or anything special so didnt stay there long. Kill and Peiter suggested I follow them back and as I had basically no idea which way i was going i thought that would be cool to just follow them on their ride to wherever.

Rode for about 30 k's then stopped and Kill asked me if I had seen any lions yet, obvioulsy i hadnt arriving just the other day so he took me down past the lion and rhino park, im pretty sure this is where the kiwi girl was going today. I may go back over there tomorrow and have a look inside im not much for looking at animals in cages from where we were.

From there we headed over towards Sandton, on the way said good bye to Peiter so me and Kill continued into Sandton City centre and the Nelson Mandela Square, I must says its a nice place very clean compared to Johannasburg and Pretoria and very modern, apparently its the new business centre of this region now. Kill asked if I wanted to go have a beer but was getting late in the afternoon and didnt want to do any riding at night at night if I didn't have too especially since I had to still get home and I wasn't sure how to, so I decided Id better skidattle and head home as I still had about 20 or 30 k's to get back to Kempton Park. Was really nice to meet some friendly locals.

I must admit I was getting pretty tired by the time I got back so just had a shower, did some washing then tried to log on but no luck the internet, it has been off here for a few days or pretty useless even when it was connecting. I went over watched the Crusaders and Stormers rugby match with Arthur at the bar here at the guesthouse and in walks this gorgeous blonde girl from Grahanmstown down near Port Elizabeth, she's off to Maritius in the morning, she was obvioulsy a stormers fan so instead of settling in and supporting my hosts South African team I barracked for the Kiwis and shouted rip his friggin head off to the ire of the home supporters.

One of the other guys Alan from the north of England told me about a motorcycle rally from the north of Italy into Switzerland that I should get too which sounds great so will see if I can look it up when im up that way but ill worry about that when the time comes it seems so far down the track to be talking about Europe just yet.

Had the regualtion steak with Mushroom sauce for dinner had a few beers having a chat to some of the other guests staying here, always really interesting to talk to everyone they always have some great ideas on places to go and things to see.

Back in my room pretty stuffed so will have a early night, I've got to get off my ass and move on soon, been to most of the cities in this regiion now so it might be time. Its been a great place to settle in and get the feel of South Africa and ive really enjoyed my time here with Arthur and the crew and could quite easily stay longer but if I dont start moving it may take me forever to get to where Im going, wherever that is. It helps not knowing where im heading so maybe i should give that a bit more thought, oh well its a big planet and this is just a long Sunday ride so either ill wake up tomorrow and head off or ill leave it till Monday morning which will mean ive spent a week in this part of the country and briefly seen the cities Johannasburg, Pretoria, Soweto and Sandton all very interesting in their own right.

I posted the picture below in Facebook and asked who the hell is this guy and one of my mates repsonded with a tirade of abuse towards me for being so ignorant and not knowing Mohammed Ali when I saw him

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